Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wedding Brainstorming

I'm sure in August more than anything y'all have back to school on the brain...not weddings. And while my house is immersed in getting ready for school (I have a kindergartner this year!) I am also prepping for wedding season.

For me the busiest wedding times are May and then October. June and September are usually pretty busy as well. Right now I'm brainstorming lots of ideas and option for weddings and getting ready to do several tastings. And busy returning lots of emails regarding such.
I've been coming up with (what I think) are fun ideas like a cupcake bar (with margarita, mudslide, pina colada, type flavors), mini key lime pies for a beach wedding and doing some fun monogramming on the cupcakes as well.
I also have been trying a few different decorating options apart from the standard. I think this is sweet and elegant. They're also great for anniversary presents!


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Very cute! When are you coming to STL again?

CupKates said...

Not for awhile, sorry! We were there in may but were busy with a funeral and a wedding. With me due in Feb. we won't be coming up for the holidays. Maybe late spring or summer? I think sometime in the cooler months I'm going to do an out of town giveaway where I ship the cupcakes.

renee said...

beautiful!!! and fun!!!!