Friday, July 30, 2010


So I think I owe y'all an explanation for going almost two months without posting anything. I really do not consider myself a slacker by any means, and I haven't stopped making cupcakes. I simply become a little in my capabilities.

Really it can all be explained in two words: morning sickness. Now I know there are some women that are incredible graceful and glowing during their first trimester. Let me clarify: I am not one of those women. I consider survival alone through that period a blessing, forget functionality.

So while I did not shut down making cupcakes, some days making cupcakes occurred by the grace of God alone. Dealing with two active boys on top of that was about all I could handle. So for nearly two months there has been no blogging.

But I'm back, and ready to make up for lost time. Before I fully transition into cupcakes though I will say that while I have not taken a leave of absence for morning sickness, I will be doing so for the baby. While I won't set hard and fast dates (because having done this twice before I know it all depends on how I'm feeling and how fast I recover) but I'm thinking from mid January to the end of February I will for sure be out of commission. I'm due at the beginning of February.

On to cupcakes.

So one of me new favorite things are cupcake favors. Mainly because they are adorable.

These were for a baby shower for a little girl. The colors were mainly pink and brown, so I made color co-ordinating cupcakes (raspberry almond with chocolate frosting) and put it all together with matching tags and ribbon as well. These would also be fun for other types of showers (I'm going to do some for a bridal shower...), birthdays, and weddings!


Anna said...

Congratulations!!!! That is so exciting!

The Dorinators said...

Congrats on #3. That's awesome! And the favors look great.

CupKates said...

Thank you ladies!