Friday, October 29, 2010

Beach Wedding

I got to do my first destination wedding.

An excuse to go to the beach, in October....count me IN!

Admittedly transportation and finishing touches ended up being a bit more time consuming that I had originally planned, but thankfully the husband and I had planned to spend the night in Savannah so I got a little extra rest, kiddo free. And he makes a great sous chef when need be.

Did I mention we used the wedding as an excuse for a babymoon?

*Tangent* I never really got babymoons, or even date nights before or after our first. We could make all the time we needed to get whatever we wanted done, or have our own little date night after bedtime. All that changed after two. No more co-ordinating naps (or naps at all sometimes!), sleeping in, or checking every thing off our to-do list, and especially no time for after hours date night. After bedtime is now used to work on the to-do list, and date nights only happen when grandparents come in town or we hire a babysitter. Which we try to do often for our own sanity.

All that to say, if you're about to have your second, rock out the babymoon and start saving for a date night fund. Mom and Dad time makes everyone so much happier!

*Tangent Over*

Peanut Butter Cups. I wanted to do chocolate curls to make it a bit fancier (since chocolate sprinkles don't scream "wedding" to me). Hubs did a fantastic job or expertly placing these while I tried to crank out the rest of the frosting at 1am.
The only specification the bride had was lemon. She didn't care what, just lemon. Thankfully I did her wedding shower and made key lime pies, I told her I could do a lemon version of those and she was sold. This tower is the lemon pies with whipped cream and double vanilla cupcakes.
Peanut Butter Cups and Double Vanilla.

The dessert table.

So admittedly, the key lime pie recipe I mentioned earlier isn't mine. The first time I made key lime pie it turned out so perfect I couldn't think of anything to change, so it's my go to recipe. And I've given it to y'all before here. To make the lemon version, you essentially use the same recipe, but I would do just over 1/2 cup of lemon juice instead of 2/3, especially is you're using the fresh stuff. Lemon is a bit sour than I find lime to be so I dialed it back. It doesn't effect the recipe at all.

After the last post I heard back from several of y'all interested in the sugar cookie information. I'm for sure going to give y'all my recipe and tips, and I'm even contemplating doing a video instructional to go along with it, probably focusing on icing because that's the more tedious part. We'll see how the month goes though : )

At the latest I hope to have that up by early December.

I'm also about 95% sure that my last week of orders will be the week before Christmas, so if you're considering placing a holiday order (for Christmas, parties, Thanksgiving, or cookies) contact me SOON. There will be very limited availability. There may be one or two weekends I'm willing to exceed my 100 count limit as well. On cupcakes, not sugar cookies- those things take too much time : )

A wedding and the scoop on ordering. Thank y'all again for your flexibility and continued loyalty! I can't tell you how hard it has been to tell some of you no. And admittedly, some of you I haven't been able to say it to yet. Oh well, I'm transitioning into maternity leave, right?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding! I've had quite a few questions about the parameters of my "stepping back". The short answer would be, just email me. There are lots of unique circumstances that several of you have proposed and really it all depends on how crazy my week is.

Our baseball season just ended as well so I have a bit more free time to fit things in. Weekday orders will also be the easiest for me to say yes to.

I don't think I will be completely shutting things down until sometimes in January.

Hopefully that answers a few basic questions for y'all.

Despite not taking as many orders for the future, I've still been quite busy fulfilling orders already in place. I've had two weddings in the last two weeks that I've done that I'm looking forward to sharing with you.

This one was for a fall wedding outside of Atlanta. They had several people coming in from out of town and wanted something to put in the hotel rooms to greet people as they arrived.

These are the cookies all bagged and tagged ready to go.

These are the autumn leaf cookies before being bagged up. Maybe it's my love for fall, but I adore these cookies and the different color combinations (I had several more not pictured) turned out really pretty and added a fun dimension.

When I put these up on my facebook page I had several people ask how I get the icing so smooth. Basically I use royal icing, and make sure to have the right consistency.

I'm not sure I have time to do a video, but would y'all be interested in written directions and recipes for the cookies and royal icing to get you ready for the holidays?