Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baby Shower and Favors

I have so much stuff I have been doing in the last couple of weeks. I'm so excited to get to show it to ya'll! Keep your eyes open for additional posts this week.

I did a baby shower this weekend for a friend. It was a boy and we went with the blue and brown theme. To compliment it we did double chocolate cupcakes and pina colada cupcakes (her favorite of mine, and I tinted the frosting blue to match).

We also did cupcakes as the favors. They were pumpkin spice with cinnamon cream cheese frosting. I have a Halloween themed version of these I will put up soon.

Proof that I can do more than bake cupcakes! I made those letters for my friend to use in her new babies room. It helped that they matched the decor as well!

I know I have had several requests for the cupcake towers so I wanted to give some of ya'll a visual for what they would/can look like. I put scrapbook paper underneath the cupcakes that co-ordinated with our decor. I have also seen people put ribbon around the edges that really makes it pop. I hope to get to try that soon!

Also, just a heads up for my STL and ATL clients. I am starting to take orders for the Thanksgiving holiday right now. I can do the pumpkin spice with cinnamon cream cheese frosting cupcakes or the caramel apple cupcakes (apple cinnamon cupcake with dulce de leche frosting) I also do mini or full sized pies including pumpkin, apple, apple crisp(my husbands person favorite), pecan pie, and chocolate pie. I will be in STL the day before Thanksgiving so people from ATL and STL can get orders in. ATL orders must be picked up the Monday before Thanksgiving (pies freeze well, and will also keep in the fridge great until Thanksgiving). I am limited on the amount of orders I will be able to fill so let me know what you want early! As always, feel free to call, or post comments with any questions!

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