Monday, October 19, 2009


Growing up my mom had two (major) things things she was allergic to: bananas and tree nuts. So naturally as any deprived girl would, I dived head first into experimenting with these two culinary sensations as quickly as I could. I love them both, but for today we will focus on the bananas.

They are a staple in our home, and I love their frugality. If at any point the bananas start to look like they are going bad, I simply pop them in the freezer to use for a host of recipes. I never waste money on bananas and they never go unused. One of our family favorites is my banana oatmeal chocolate chip muffins (someone remind me to give ya'll that recipe at some point!). Another trick I learned from a friend who is a dietitian is to take frozen bananas and pop them in a container you can use your immersion blender in. Add a tiny bit of milk and start pulsing away. After a few minutes you will have a substance that looks like ice cream, and which with young unsuspecting children easily passes for such as well. A touch of peanut butter is delicious in it too. Add some sprinkles and you are a mommy superstar.

So banana cupcakes seemed fairly natural to me, the hard part however, was picking out the frosting. I personally think chocolate and bananas were made for each other, but some people feel that way about the cream cheese frosting. Not wanting my personal tastes to bias things, I made both. And they both had fabulous reviews (although my personal favorite was the chocolate, just as I knew it would be!). They blended in well, and only my discerning tasters were able to distinguish the flavor before I told them.

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