Friday, August 28, 2009


I have made a whole bunch of fun new cupcakes recently, but have been a big fat failure when it comes to documenting them. I just have too many people chomping at the bit to eat them! My new favorites, raspberry almond, with chocolate frosting should have pictures coming soon since I have an order for this weekend, which I will be SURE to take pictures of. I'm pretty excited to share those with y'all anyways.

But for today, I have cute, petite mini red velvets.

I do regular and mini size cupcakes, but I must admit I am a little partial to the minis. They are a bit more complicated, but for parties, gatherings with large people, and kids, they are absolutely perfect! They are easy to manage, make you feel less guilty, are less of a sugar buzz for the kiddos, and give you the option to try several flavors. I'm dying to do a wedding cupcake stand with regular and mini sized cupcakes in different flavors mixed together. With toppers like the ones in the post below with a monogram on top. Not that I have it planned out or anything... now if only I knew people who were getting married!


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

The only problem I have with minis is that I feel like I can eat more!

CupKates said...

I don't see problem with that : )