Thursday, September 9, 2010

General Announcements

So since we had a brief glimpse of fall weather last weekend (unless you are up about 7am each morning, and then you may still be getting a bit of it) I thought I would remind you that along with the Pumpkin Spice late now available at Starbucks, so are my fall flavors.

Caramel Apple:

Cinnamon cupcake with bits of fresh apple in it topped with a dulche de leche frosting

Pumpkin Spice:

A pumpkin spice cupcake topped with your choice of cinnamon buttercream or cinnamon cream cheese frosting

I classify my snickerdoodle cupcake as more of a fall flavor, but it's available year round so not quite as special.

These as well as mini pies, and regular sized pies are available. The pumpkin, pecan and apple crisp pies get pretty popular around Thanksgiving. Warning though, I have a wedding the weekend before Thanksgiving so I will have very limited availability.

While speaking of availability I have a few openings available the end of September and the last few weekends in October.

The fall flavor cupcakes are great to take to class parties and fall festivals that are starting up in a few weeks. I admit I already have a few debuts planned for them along such lines.

One more announcement, and it's more of a personal one so you may not be all that interested (but I have awesome clients, so I think you may). As most of you know, and have heard me talk about I have two wonderful, handsome boys. And while we love our boys we both admittedly were really hoping for a girl this time. Well we were very excited to find out a few weeks ago that is what we have been blessed with!

So amidst cupcake baking I will be painting and decorating a baby girl nursery! The boys are pretty excited over having a baby sister and already ooh and ahh over all the little girls they come in contact with. They're going to be great (maybe to her dismay at times) big brothers!

Hope y'all are not going too crazy being knee deep into the school year schedule yet!


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loanѕ are maԁe hеnce thаt іѕ
a shoгt-lived not to mеntion ωilling to assist
manу peoplе recognize out of paуroll check for you to wages.

Ӏt is vеry fоr pеoрle whеn
you may ωant a little more cаρitаl youngstеr should
be pay off youг own payments or or have the various unantiсipatеd crisіs your life.

Isn't complicated that will obtain a cash loan. That you'гe seeing one
оf the numerous retaіl stores сlose to yοu.

It is possiblе to risе to many other peoрle vіа the internet.
It's actually a very easy in addition to accelerated treatment. You will get money inside of a matter of minutes and also several hours when you finally put on. This can be moreover an excellent financial loan if you have undesirable credit score, not likely given that these companies carry out conduct any credit history review.

To be able to receive some sort of payday loan, you must have evidence of present-day occupation and a bank checking account. Just click a salary because of your recruiter as well as with the banking material. After your details happens to be authenticated, you can aquire money immediately. Whenever you make this happen via the internet, it might take a few hours in the cash to always be brought for your requirements.

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