Monday, January 18, 2010

Like Grandma's...a new flavor

I was supposed to have a couple of blog posts last week, what happened?

I'll blame it on being distracted with painting projects we started this week and spending a good amount of time blogging on my other sites about what is going on Haiti.

I have a new flavor to introduce.

Actually it's not really that new, it's more of a classic, just new to my list.

Chris's grandma makes this coconut cream cake which is delightful, every time we see her she makes one for us. For whatever reason I had a really bad hankering for it. The problem being her recipe calls for a boxed cake mix (which I don't use) and cool whip (which I avoid because of the hydrogenated oils). So I was off to creating, and if I'm going to perfect something, might as well add it to the list so everyone else can enjoy, right?

So here it is, the new (read: classic) coconut cream cupcake:

Available for order immediately. It's a lightly coconut and vanilla flavored cake topped and filled with a coconut cream and rolled in shredded coconut.

Chris told me it tasted just like his grandma's. Score!

If you are interested in a full list of available flavors please contact me.

1 comment:

renee said...

i am interested!!! i'm interested!!!!! katie...i just can't stand it! i need to order some of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!