Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I've got my St. Patty's day cupcakes itching to get pictures of themselves on the blog. But they are still in my camera : )

I'm just teasing you so you know what to look forward to. They are Guinness chocolate cupcakes topped with a Bailey's Irish Cream frosting.

I like St. Patrick's Day. Not because I'm big into the alcohol (contrary to the way my cupcake sounds...) but because I married into an Irish family. When I met my husband he had red hair. It's more auburn now, but it was red. His mom and brothers hair still is red and him mom's maiden name is Kennedy. There's a lot of Irish in them.

Plus if you've ever had Irish butter, that would be enough to make you want to be Irish. Seriously if you haven't tried it- go. Now. Most grocery stores have it this time of year, I saw it at Costco (in bulk, I seriously considered it) but picked mine up at Trader Joe's. The most popular brand is Kerrygold.

It's fun to celebrate our history with the kids on a fun holiday too.

Other than the cupcakes I have a wedding I'm doing this weekend so hopefully I'll be posting pictures from those soon. They are going to be Snickerdoodle (although with a slight change of cinnamon cream cheese frosting), I'm hoping there are leftovers.

All that to say...go get some Irish butter.


renee said...

kerrygold butter is A-mazing! love it!

Katie said...

Life changing!