Friday, May 1, 2009

Assorted minis and my Card

Here are the products of yesterdays job:

All the little cupcakes

Chocolate with Strawberry Meringue Buttercream

(which did not like the heat as much as I would have hoped!)

Red Velvet with Cream cheese frosting :

Sunshine CupKates:

(lemon cupkate with orange cream cheese frosting)

Nestled in their box all ready to go:

The lady who I did the cupkatering for sent me and email with the following:

"The party was horribly attended and yet, we only had 12-18 of them left…everybody oogled over how perfect they were and how cute they were and their total yumminess! "

I also got my business cards in, and am rather happy with how they turned out. Although the next ones will have the new logo on it, but this has all come together rather hastily, so again, pleased with the results!

I also did some experimenting with icing techniques that I want to post some pictures of soon. Stay tuned for those!


kjoy said...

So cute! I love those cards!

I am already planning Casey's graduation party in my head and I thought "It would be so much fun if Katie could make the cupcakes!" But we live many many miles from each other. :(

Katie said...

I could ship them to you, with the icing and cupkates seperately with instructions for how you could ice them. Or I could just give you the recipe : ) as long as you don't tell anyone...

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Looks yummy delicious Katie!!! This is Alyssa from good 'ole Clippard Elem! I'm very impressed and wished I lived closer so I could try them!